Information Literacy for your PhD: successfully search, use and manage scientific publications

This Workshop is part of the CUSO key competencies program. The workshop helps participants successfully search, manage and reuse the scientific information with which to begin their doctorate, or to update the publication list before they begin to write up their thesis.
General and specific search tools are addressed to enable the participants to better define the topic of their PhD thesis (has it already been covered?), to get to know their subject in depth (what is the state of the art in a particular field of research?), and to begin monitoring relevant scientific material (what are the latest publications on a topic?). The workshop introduces a reference management tool which permits the structured organization of the participant’s documents and the easy citation of their sources.
We will also review current practices in bibliometrics and copyright law, with a view to participants’ future publications.

Date: 5 November 2018

Further information and enrollment: CUSO Website