Mastering the Publication Process to Promote Your Scientific Career

This Workshop is part of the CUSO key competencies program.
The adage "publish or perish" is no longer up to date. The explosion in the number of scientific publications leads to difficulties in finding relevant information and problems in the visibility of publications written by young researchers. New modes of publication of scientific information are on the rise.
Researchers today need to select different strategies for their professional careers, the position of their laboratory and/or institution, scientific ethics; elements that are sometimes contradictory.
This workshop seeks to open the question of new modes of publication on digital media, in term of writing modalities, but also in term of new scientific and business models. What is possible today? Where are the limits?
The workshop will help the doctoral candidate to ask the right questions about publications, in order to make conscious choices that correspond to his/her personal goals.

Date: 24 September 2020

Further information and registration: CUSO Website